Did you know that BrandBucket has a domain liquidation option?

It’s no secret that BrandBucket has been a major player in the brandable domain name space. Over the years I’ve had the chance to meet the founder and some members of the team and I’m always inspired by our conversations. BrandBucket really is a company build for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

While I’ve used BrandBucket for a long time now, I learned something new a couple of weeks ago that I thought was pretty interesting and worth sharing with all of you.

As most domain investors have seen, the domain liquidation space has grown a lot over the last year as investors look for more ways to get liquidity. While you’re not going to get close to end-user pricing from domain liquidation services, you are going to usually end up with more than your renewal fee, which when compared to $0 if you drop the domain, is pretty darn good.

Well like the title of this post says and as I hinted at above…BrandBucket has their own liquidation service for domain owners that want to sell domains they have on the platform, directly to BrandBucket. The formula for determining how much BrandBucket will pay for the domain comes out to roughly 1% of the suggested price minus $9.

To walk through an example. Let’s suppose you have a domain at BrandBucket listed at $4,500. You’ve had the name for years, and it’s getting the axe when renewal time comes around. Well rather than dropping the name you could sell it for $36 right away. While that might not sound like much, the sweet spot for liquidation (from what I know) is in the $25 – $50 range, which once again is a lot more than $0.

This was news to me and a pretty nifty feature from BrandBucket IMO 🎉

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton