Morgan Linton

Hi, I'm Morgan 👋

I love building products that change the way the world works. I was early at Sonos and helped change the way people listen to music, now at Bold Metrics we're unlocking the power of body data.

I started this blog back in October of 2007, and what I thought would be a small project turned into a lifelong passion for writing. If you like what you find here, you might also like to read some of the articles I've written for Medium.com.

Over the last year NFTs have become a bigger part of my life and I started a separate blog dedicated to this topic. So if NFTs are your jam, head over to NFTInvesting.io.

Last but not least, I love hearing from my readers and try my best to respond to every email I get. So if you'd like to get in touch just shoot me an email - ml(at)hey.com.

Thanks for reading 🙏