Morgan Linton

Hi, I'm Morgan and this is my personal blog 👋

I love building products that change the way the world works. I was early at Sonos and helped change the way people listen to music; now at Bold Metrics we're using AI to change the way products are personalized to people - think of us as the Intel Inside of Body Data.

I started this blog back in October of 2007, back then, and for over a decade I wrote about a passion of mine - domain name investing. Today I still invest in domain names and have broadened my investment portfolio to include things like cryptocurrency, NFTs, and angel investments in startups.

As time has passed, and I've thought more about what I enjoy writing about, I realized, domain investing just isn't a topic I have fun writing about any more. So I stopped writing about domain investing back in late 2021.

Today my blog is focused on one of my life-long passions - Astrophysics. As an engineer I was always fascinated by how we could use math to better understand how the world works. Over time this has grown into an incredible curiosity about our solar system, the universe, and how our understanding of things like gravity will change in our lifetime.

Thanks for reading 🙏