SaaS VC Jason Lemkin just shared five secrets to Go Daddy’s success

In the early days of Bold Metrics there was one conference that really made an impact both in how I thought about running a SaaS company, and in helping to network with other founders – SaaStr. Honestly, SaaStr is one of the best-run conferences I’ve ever been to and I’ve been going since it first started.

Through SaaStr I discovered Jason Lemkin who started as a founder, sold his company to Adobe (EchoSign, now Adobe Sign), and then started his own fund focused on SaaS companies. Funny enough, a couple of weekends ago we were going for a morning walk, looked up for a second and saw this:

So it looks like we’re neighbors now, who knew! At any rate, by now you can probably tell I’m a big fan of Jason Lemkin, as a founder, an investor, and an educator.

This morning I was taking a look at my Twitter feed and I saw a really interesting thread from Jason about how Go Daddy has become the multi-billion dollar giant they are today. I’ve pasted the thread below and included a link to the full post on his blog which goes into even more detail.

Go Daddy Advertising
Go Daddy profitable

Go Daddy TAM

Go Daddy new customers
Go Daddy Fremium

If you want to do a deeper dive, here’s Jason’s blog post about Go Daddy that covers this in more depth. Thanks to Jason for putting this together, this was a fun read!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton