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A great domain name goes a long way, and I always like to see someone buy a great domain name and then put something on it that truly maximizes the value. So I have been enjoying following Shane Cultra’s buildout of which is now live taking orders.

Shane has done a great job of brining us along for the adventure from the day he acquired the domain, to the process of getting the logo and branding in action, all the way to actually collecting and bottling the honey.

Personally I enjoyed the photoshoots the most and honestly for the last few weeks I’ve been craving honey. One of the things I really like about the brand (besides the awesome domain of course) is the backstory, here’s an exceprt:

BeeHouse was started at Country Arbors Nursery in Urbana Illinois in 2019 by Shane Cultra.  The nursery is run by Shane and his family who have been in the nursery business growing trees, shrubs, and flowers since 1865.  In 2019, local beekeepers asked to keep hives on the property due to the diversity of Maple, Linden, and fruit trees as well as acres and acres of flowers.  It was the beginning of the relationship between the nursery and bees.  Honeybees and wild bees.  We understand the relationship between bees, the keepers of the local land,  and the importance of good husbandry. We learned of the role of the land owners and the importance of reduced chemical dependence and providing a land rich in pollinators and fauna.  In the search for diverse flavors and types of honey, BeeHouse only works with ecological beekeepers who understand that honey is the essence of life in the hive. (Source –

For anyone who knows Shane, you know he really goes the distance when he sets out to do something. I wouldn’t be surprised if we all get to watch this turn into a six and then seven figure business over the next couple of years. By leveraging social media Shane has been able to get a solid base of initial customers engaged without spending money on marketing.

I’m looking forward to reading future blog posts and tweets about the progress and of course becoming a regular customer myself. Congrats to Shane and team, here’s to the adventure ahead! 🐝  🐝  🐝

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton