Handshake domain investor sells “journal” for $9,635

So I’m still learning the basics of Handshake, which means I might say some things incorrectly, please correct me in the comment section below if you know more than me. That being said, I’m seeing a lot more activity in the Twitterverse about Handshake and this morning one tweet really caught me eye, here it is:

Handshake sale

If you do the math, 50,000 HNS = $9,635 which is a much higher number than I would have thought. But first things first, I need to learn the lingo. What are we calling these things?

In the tweet the seller refers to this as “TLD http://journal” but I’m thinking there must be some other term we can all use to talk about these. Would this be a Handshake TLD? Maybe a Handshake Namespace?

As you all know I’m used to talking about domain sales, but this is not a domain sale, it’s the sale of a unique string on Handshake that’s kinda like a TLD, but I’m not sure where you would go to type in http://journal since in any modern web browser that will just give you an error.

All that being said, this sale is interesting to me. If whatever the heck it is that we call these things are selling in the $10k range today, when nobody knows about them and there’s no way to put them to use that I know of…imagine how that could change if it does take off?

I’d imagine this is how domain investors in the mid-90’s felt. The Internet hadn’t taken off yet so as they bought domain names, everyone around them probably thought, “what are you buying, nobody knows what these are or how to use them?!?!”

The same thing could be happening again with Handshake but like I said, I’m a complete noob here so I have a lot of learning to do. I’ve read through the official site at Handshake.org but in all honesty I understand only a small fraction of what it says on the site…sentences like this one below go way over my head:

Handshake’s incentive design assumptions relies upon Metcalfe’s Law (Beckstrom’s Law, etc.)Source – Handshake.org

So…Metcalfe’s Law? Beckstrom’s Law? It’s clear I need to do some background research to really understand what’s going on under the hood. That being said, I love learning new things so I’m excited to do a deeper dive here and learn who the heck Metcalfe is and what law he created, and why it’s important here!

If any of my readers consider themselves well-versed in the world of Handshake feel free to share a bit more in the comment section below or shoot me an email with any resources you’ve used to learn more.

Right now I own one Handshake, TLD, namespace, or whatever the heck you call it, morganlinton. I’ve been looking at auctions for other TLD/namespace/HNS things on NameBase but I’m still in learning-mode, I don’t think I know enough to really invest yet. Of course, as I learn more, and if I do start investing, I’ll make sure to include all of you in the adventure.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton