It’s official, next week my blog is moving from WordPress to Ghost

Well we’ve officially crossed the one year mark since Ghost appeared on my radar and got me thinking – is it time to move away from WordPress? Since this is a pretty big decision I took my time, did a ton of research, and built some Ghost sites and started using it to see what the experience would be like. In the end, I actually found myself with a second blog, which has been a blast to write and really pushed me over the edge when it came to making the decision.

The reason I’m moving from WordPress is because I wanted something more modern, fast, content focused, and streamlined on the backend. I’m tired of managing a million different WordPress plugins and I also think in many ways WordPress has become somewhat outdated. That being said, there’s nothing inherently wrong with WordPress – it has been good to me over the years but I’ve been ready for some time now to really take my blog to the next level when it comes to design and user experience.

After doing a deep dive into different ways to migrate and host Ghost sites I initially decided on using and kicked off the migration process there. Dan from Gloat is awesome but I wasn’t able to get my blog exported, it was just too darn big, I guess I’ve written too much over the last 14 years! My blog crashed the Ghost export plugin and unfortunately wasn’t able to share a solution that worked for getting my blog migrated.

So, I contacted Ghost directly and they said that if I signed up for one of their hosting plans for a year, they’d do the migration for me. I let them know about the Ghost plugin crashing and they told me they recently migrated a site with over 65,000 posts, that of course, also crashed the plugin and it was no problemo. I signed up for the year for only $300 which is $900 less than what I pay WPEngine, and they assigned me a date – Monday October 11th.

I’m excited, it’s the end of an era, and you’ll be noticing a lot of changes to my blog, hopefully most of which everyone will really like. The biggest change you’ll notice as a reader is the experience of both receiving and reading the content. My articles will be easier to read on mobile and tablets and you’ll find a lot less distractions so you can focus. Additionally, you’ll be able to read on my site or directly in your email and both experiences will be a lot faster and more readable than they are today.

Also there’s one long-standing feature on my blog that will be going away with my move to Ghost – comments. I know some people will be sad to see comments go away but I find that the vast majority of comments I get now come through Twitter, it’s time to move on from comments on my blog. This also means that all the comments people have written over the years will go away. I appreciate everyone who wrote comments and will keep comments open for the next six days until I make the move to Ghost.

There’s more updates I’ll be sharing as I make the move next week, but I’ll save that for the big reveal. It has been an amazing journey writing this blog for almost 14 years. Here’s to the adventure ahead – thanks for reading, and if you have any last comments you want to make – this is the time!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton