Xelot Beta Launches Today!!!

That’s right, it’s the moment Daina and I have been waiting for – Xelot is now in Beta! If you are a member of the beta team you will be receiving an email from Kevin Fink the new Director of Customer Service for Xelot. After extensive Alpha testing here at Xelot headquarters (aka our condo in LA) we can’t wait to get the initial feedback from the team.


In case you’ve missed the lead-up to this day you can follow-along on the Xelot adventure in chronological order below:

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This day has been a long-time coming and Daina and I can’t wait to see how our hard work translates into what we think will be one of the most useful tools out there! Of course we have some exciting partnerships coming along with Xelot, but we’ll save those for the full release.

Stay-tuned and if you are not on the beta but think that you really should be feel free to write a quick comment below, there are no rules here so we can still add people if they are a good fit. The ideal beta tester for us is someone that has experience buying and selling websites but of course all fellow geeks are invited 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton