Domain Madness Reboots on Wednesday – Will You Be There?

After their auction software bit the dust last week Domain Madness is back with their heavily publicized DM3 Auction. I was watching from my laptop last week as we got to see such exciting video clips as a purple curtain and some people sitting on a couch with heavy metal playing in the background.


The chatroom was buzzing as everyone tried to guess what would happen next. The mystery came to the end with the following message:

It was soon explained that the software had been overloaded by the heavy amount of users on the system. While this is obviously a great sign for the auction it’s always disappointing when you get everyone together and the rides don’t run. I have been really impressed with the way Boxcar has handled this, very professional and positive – I like it!

There have been a slew of posts about the auction:

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What is really amazing about this whole experience is that they have actually turned this into a positive by adding more domains like to the event and getting even more publicity. They have done this all by admitting they didn’t deliver the goods last week but they will this week and the pressure is on.

Wednesday is actually my 30th Birthday and I’ll be proud to be watching the auction and maybe even buying a name or two. I’ll always support anyone who can be confident and honest enough to stand-up when they make a mistake and immediately focus on making the situation even better than before.

My hat goes off to the whole DM3 team, good luck with the auction tomorrow – I’ll be there!


Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton