Xelot is now Patent Pending!

I am excited to say that Xelot, our new website estimation service is now patent pending! Daina and I have spent quite a while putting-together our first algorithm together. Both of us have backgrounds in computer programming and algorithm design and it’s been a blast working on this together.

website estimation

A couple of weeks ago we decided that after all this hard work we should probably get a patent out of it. So we spent about 8-hours putting-together the application, diagrams, etc. and submitted to the US Patent Office who accepted it last Tuesday! We can’t wait to release Xelot to our beta team which was supposed to happen a couple week ago but we held-off to tweak the algorithm a bit more and file the provisional patent. This is more than just a development project, we are building a business here folks!

If you have already signed-up for the beta – thanks for your patience as we have perfected and patentisized (that’s a word right?) the algorithm. Daina and I can’t wait to share this with the beta team and begin collecting feedback and really perfect the system. Stay-tuned, soon you’ll be able to understand how much that website of yours is really worth!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton