Xelot.com – Find Out What Your Website Is Really Worth

If you haven’t heard of Xelot.com – you are not alone, nobody has because I just put-up the coming soon page yesterday! Xelot represents my company’s first software launche and it’s in a niche that I’m extremely passionate about so it has been a blast putting it together over the last six months. It was in the summer of 2010 that I first came-up with the idea after selling one of my traffic/revenue names and saying…I wonder what other websites with similar characteristics sell for? Did I sell for too little?

Well if it was a Domain Name I could just look at the DNJournal sales lists or hop on over to Estibot to get a quick idea of similar sales. However when it comes to selling an online business, a domain name with a business model and consistent traffic and revenue it’s not as easy. Until now. Well I guess that’s a bit dramatic but why not be dramatic when it’s something you care about! I’d like to introduce you to Xelot, a website sales estimation tool I will be launching in March of this year!

Xelot will be going-into beta the second or third week in February but it all depends on getting things just right which seems to always take longer than you’d expect! Right now my development team is working on the algorithm and fine tuning the way in which we calculate our estimates. Xelot will not be providing exact estimations but instead expected sale ranges. When you’re selling a website/online business many factors come-into play, PageRank, Traffic, Revenue, Profit, etc. so giving an exact price wouldn’t make real world sense. What Xelot will tell you is a realistic expectation of what your domain with a site, traffic, revenue, etc. could sell for on the open market.

Now is where you come in. Yes – I’m talking to you, the person reading my blog and hopefully saying, “Wow – this sounds cool!” I would like to give you the opportunity to beta test my first software release. Unfortunately it can’t be all of you because I really need people who actively develop and monetize their domains and have some history of selling websites/online businesses. If you think you’d be a good fit just comment below! It has been a lot of fun creating the inner-workings of Xelot and I can’t wait to let our first beta users try it out!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton