Calling all domain investors – what’s your favorite topic to read about?

About a week ago I posted a survey for blog readers to share more about what they like and don’t like about my blog. The response has been great and incredibly informative, and on that note, if you haven’t completed it yet, take a minute to do it now.

After finishing the survey I realized I forgot to ask one important question which I decided, oh well, let’s just ask it in a blog post and let people answer either in the comment section or on Twitter. While my survey asked for what you like to read about and don’t like to read about, I thought it would be interesting to ask a bit more specific question – what do you wish domain name blogs talked about more?

As you all know, my blog started as a domain name blog and over the years evolved into becoming more of a personal blog about things I’m interested in from domain names to venture capital, NFTs and SEO, it really spans the gamut now. At the same time I know I have a solid core audience of domain investors and the survey showed that a lot of people do like Domaining content.

I love domain names, they’ve changed my life, and I love writing about them. The question I have is, what’s the most interesting to read about and what do you wish domain blogs talked more about? To give a bit of a framework I thought I’d share a handful different categories that I find my posts about domain fall into:

  • interesting domain sales or domains in auction
  • running your domain business
  • Handshake domains
  • companies in the domain space and interesting technologies investors can leverage
  • interesting things domain investors share on Twitter
  • domain industry trends

Of course your suggestion doesn’t have to come from this list but these are things I find I tend to gravitate towards when I’m writing about domain names. Thanks in advance for your feedback and once again, if you haven’t taken the survey I shared last week, take a minute to do it!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton