Update on My 2011 Projects

I thought now would be a good time to give everyone an update on all of the exciting projects I am working on. One of the biggest problems that most Domainers have is endless great ideas, but little or no execution. Ideas are great but actions speak louder than words, this year I have been laser-focused on several major projects that will be coming to fruition soon. These are all projects that started-out as ideas and soon will become a reality.

If you talked to me a few years ago my list of projects would have been thirty pages long and I’d only finish three of them! I’ve learned that if you want to get anything done you have to limit your projects to no more than ten, and even that can be a challenge. Of course there are a million other project ideas I have…however I’m not even thinking of working on these until my main projects are completed.

Our first software product has proven to be even more time consuming than we thought but that’s just how coding goes. Daina and I are excited to have finished the algorithm and are still in the internal testing phase. We expect to release the software to our beta testers over the next couple of weeks. While I would have loved to release this earlier, quality trumps speed in my book so I’d rather do it right than do it quickly. On top of that we have been deep in the patent process as we will be filing several patents around the algorithm and system we are developing. Soon you’ll see a nice “Patent Pending” graphic on the Xelot homepage. It’s been a blast and we can’t wait to have the beta testers tear it apart and help us make it even better.

It’s official – Kayaking(dot)org now features the most comprehensive online kayaking directory on the Internet. It’s taken months of paying an employee to spend 20 hours/week populating the directory manually. Sure, we could have just scraped data from another Kayaking site but I’m much more interested in creating fully verified and accurate listings. You will also notice a brand-new US map that has increased interactivity and made it even easier to access the directory. Traffic is growing and we are getting ready to do a press release next month. Work has also begun on a new Facebook App we’ll be launching over the next few months. If you want to learn more about this project make sure to subscribe to my newsletter as I’ll be covering our development and brand-building efforts in more detail there.

Domain Flipping v3
The Third Edition of my popular eBook has been finished for a while now and is back from editors and now with my desktop publishing company. I am really proud of this edition and as usual it’s taken way more time than I expected to get it right. Next month I’ll be releasing the book as well as a few extras that will make this my best product launch ever and a valuable resource for the community.

My live online television show was a lot of fun last year and was able to bring together Domainers from all over the world. I am in the process of obtaining another sponsor that can help me take the show to the next level. This will also be re-launching in April with a brand-new look-and-feel, format, and increased frequency. I’ve been consulting with some online video experts as well as friends in the film industry to really make the right moves to get the show more professional and exciting. If you thought MorganLinton.tv was over you were wrong – I haven’t even scratched the surface yet!

ccTLD Investors Magazine
I launched my ccTLD Magazine and then made the mistake of getting involved in too many projects to keep the focus. Live and learn right? Now I’ve put-together a comprehensive plan for how I will make this site the #1 ccTLD resource in the world. It’s going to take a lot more time and dedication but I’m passionate about ccTLDs so it’s going to be a lot of fun. In case you haven’t noticed I’ve been updating it more regularly and will have some new case studies coming-up soon following specific ccTLD investments from start to finish. I’m sure I’ll still make some mistakes along the way but this is part of the fun when you’re building a business right!

My online television show about Domain Investing is getting ready for it’s International debut on the iTunes store. I can tell you that this has been a huge learning experience for me. The learning experience is – creating a professional 30-minute show is unbelievably time consuming and expensive. For those wondering about a revenue model associated with this project please understand that there is none! I have loved every minute of putting this together – it’s fun, but not a business. In the end I hope the show will help exposure investors all over the world to our industry. My goal here is simple – have fun making my own television show that will help all of us get more exposure for our industry and our domains.

Of course there are more projects on the radar for 2011 but many of these won’t be even looked at until the projects listed above have been completed. It is absolutely critical to set goals for yourself, understand your priorities and actually finish what you start – turn your ideas in to reality. It might not be easy all the time, and you’re bound to hit road blocks along the way but it’s worth it! One of my all-time favorite quotes is from Yoda (yes, geek alert) and I thought it would be a fitting way to end this post, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton