Domaining SEO Sunday: More about Mobile Search

There are several big trends going on in the search world that none of us can ignore. While the focus has been on Google’s panda update recently, it’s important to remember that there are other big trends going on that are important to watch. One of the biggest trends going on in the search world and really the Internet as a whole is the increase in traffic from mobile users.

At SMX West this year Greg Sterling moderated a few mobile panels and shared his findings on Search Engine Land. Some of the most interesting data-points he mentioned where:

  • The top categories for mobile searches are around restaurants and movies
  • Over half of the queries are for something local (no surprises here!)
  • According to Yahoo 31% of mobile searchers need access to the information right-away
  • According to Compete more and more people are using apps vs. search when it comes to accessing local services

You can read the full article here – Big Mobile Data Drive from SMX West

One thing is certain, search is changing and mobile is a big part of that change. The more we can learn about how mobile searches behave, the better we can understand how our own traffic will change over time.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton