What is wholesale these days on a good one-word .IO domain?


One thing I’ve noticed, and written about a bit more lately is the rise in wholesale pricing on .IO domain names. I’ve been investing in .IO for years now and while it’s a small part of my portfolio, it has become more and more meaningful. In total I have around 50 .IO domains and I wish I bought more back when I first started buying them since I got most of my original names for under $500.

I’ve noticed the wholesale price for .IO domains climb quite a bit, particularly over the last 6-9 months. Now it’s not uncommon to see .IO names sell for $1,000 – $2,000 to wholesale buyers. This week ko.io sold for $6,750 (which I’m assuming was a retail buyer) and two weeks ago Recon.io went for $4,999. At the same time there are still tons of .IO names selling in the $250 – $750 range.

So I’m starting to wondering, is it that the wholesale price on .IO domains is really getting into the low four figure range or are end-user buyers now looking at places like Park.io to find domains for their companies? I’ve always thought that these auctions were just other domain investors like me but maybe the word is out and we’re now bidding against retail buyers?

Oh also, I just realized this is two days in a row of articles about Park.io. They aren’t a sponsor, I guess I’ve just had .IO on the brain the last two days so they end up being a part of my posts. That being said, they’d be a great sponsor so maybe they’ll read this and decide now is the time! 😉

Anyways, back to the title of this post – what do you think wholesale is on a solid one-word .IO domain? Has it crept into the low four-figure range?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton