There were some interesting auctions at this week with .BZ and .TO seeing strong bidding activity…

I’ve been buying expired domains from for years now and over time I’ve watched the bidding activity grow and the range of extensions grow with it. When I first started bidding on, most of the one-word .IO names I bid on would go for $99 – $300, today, names of the same caliber are going for over $1,000 and sometimes over $2,000.

At the same time, I’ve noticed domain extensions that once saw almost no activity now see strong bidding, and sometimes it makes me scratch my head and wonder what’s going on. Today was one of those days.

This morning I got an email from highlighting some of the recent auctions, and one of them was, with bidding at $1,109. I’ll be honest, I’ve never even heard of .bz, and at over $1,000 for a two-word .BZ, I’m still confused., which I think we can all agree is a solid one-word .IO was at $2,010 which just goes to show how high the wholesale value of .IO domains has gone. This is a name that would have sold for less than $300 at wholesale years ago, but today, names like this can sell for $10,000+ so wholesale in the $2,000 range isn’t too surprising, but it is interesting.

Another domain extension that I’m yet to really understand is .TO. I personally don’t know anyone who invests in .TO or is even thinking about investing in it, but was at $777 today. Is there some hidden .TO market that I don’t know about?

Last but not least is .VC, a domain extension that I’ve started “lightly” investing in, nothing crazy, just a few names here and there. Today was at $666 on and I’m now regularly seeing .VC names sell for over $500 when a year ago they rarely got bids above $200.

While is only one marketplace it still gives a view into non .COMs and the demand for them in what I think is mostly the wholesale market. I’m still focus on .COM with two-word .COMs being my primary focus but as always, I’m keeping my eye on what’s going on in the non .COM space and this week certainly was an interesting one!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton