The .COM brand is so strong, it expands beyond domain names

We all know that .COM domain names both convey the most trust and cost the most to buy. What I never really thought much about though is how big the brand surrounding .COM really is, and the fact that it actually now extends past domain names.

Here’s a good example. I’ve been following a really cool platform for hiring engineers called Turing, and yes – they’re branding on As someone that has run a company that always seems to need more engineers, I can tell you this is a huge challenge and I really dig what Turing is doing.

Well, today Turing announced a $32M Series B round and I hopped on Twitter to congratulate them when I realized @turing wasn’t their Twitter handle. So I went to their website to check and it turns out their Twitter handle is @turingcom.

TuringCOM Twitter

While Turing could have easily gone with a zillion different variants, they decided to go with adding “com” to the end of their handle. In a way I think this can be seen as making them the authority and while I’m sure they still want @turing, seeing turingcom makes it clear that they own and a name like that comes with trust.

You’ll even notice that they include the .COM in their company name – – Remote Work is The Future of Work. The reality is, Turing has a great .COM domain and they are leveraging it beyond the domain name itself, it really has become a core part of their brand.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton