DNAcademy is releasing some pretty amazing stuff lately

I’ve known Mike Cyger for a long time now, he’s an incredibly nice and generous guy and also a very accomplished entrepreneur. While most people who read my blog know about Mike and what he’s doing at DNAcademy, I encourage you to read this awesome interview with him on GGRG to get a deeper look at his background.

Given Mike’s background it should come as no surprise that he really enjoys building products and lately, DNAcademy has been building and releasing some pretty interesting stuff, and there’s more on the horizon. The first announcement that caught my eye was the passive sales checker.

Passive domain sales checker

This is a super handy (and free) tool to check where a domain is listed for sale, what price it’s listed for and what the minimum offer is if available. It can be easy to lose track of where all your domains are listed and at what price and I’ve heard disappointing stories about people who forgot they had a name listed at a lower price on one marketplace and selling for a lot less than they wanted.

Of course, on the flip side, if you’re trying to buy a domain, either as an investor or an end-user this is a great way to make sure the place you’re looking at buying the name is actually where it’s priced the lowest.

For DNAcademy members Mike just announced what he’s calling the “Swiss Army Knife” of data manipulation tools for domain investors, and it’s aimed for all the people out there who are sick of managing their domains in Excel. You can learn a bit more about this tool in the video below:

I am personally really excited about this one and can’t wait to dive in myself to start playing around with it. As anyone who’s been reading my blog for years knows, I’ve tried a lot of tools over the years but always seem to find myself back in Excel…this might be the solution that finally frees me.

Last but not least, Mike shared a tweet this week with a preview of the bulk passive sales checker tool which honestly has me drooling 🤤  Here’s a sneak peek at what it can do:

Bulk Passive Domain Sales Checker

Congrats to Mike on all of these new products, it’s clear he’s been busy and I can’t wait to take them all for a spin soon! Also you’ll notice I don’t have any affiliate links here so I’m not writing this article to sell courses for Mike. That beings said, I do think DNAcademy is one of the best investments you can make in your domain investing business whether you’re just getting started or you’re ten years in, there really is a ton of value there for everyone! 🚀

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton