This might just be the best .IO portfolio I’ve ever seen

As you all know, my primary focus when it comes to domain name investing is .COM, but next to .COM, .IO has been my go-to. Over the years I’ve seen a wide range of .IO portfolio, from good to bad, mediocre to great…but one portfolio that just hit my radar might just be the best I’ve ever seen.

Mr. Premium .IO domains

The above is just a small sample of the domains in this portfolio owned and operated by who also has some pretty badass .COM names as well.

So who is behind Mr. Premium? Here’s the scoop:

We have brokered $Millions in premium name sales, setting & breaking countless records on behalf of domain registries, with hundreds of our sold names featured in weekly top sales reports. co-founder Mark Ghoriafi, has been frequently referenced in industry leading publications such as, most notably for his success in the new gTLD and ccTLD space whilst working with AFILIAS as Director of Premium Domains (the world’s second largest domain registry operator & Guinness World Record Holder), the .GLOBAL registry as Director of Sales, and the .CLUB registry as Sales & Marketing Manager.

Passion, dedication, motivation, & patience is the fuel to our success, with a personal approach taken to get to know every client in order to understand individual preference and maintain a lasting and fruitful relationship.(Source –

I’d love to pick Mark’s brain and hear more about the portfolio and what his plans are for the future, and of course, as always, what I learn I’ll share with all of you. Congrats to Mark and team for putting together one heck of a portfolio, I’m still drooling over those .IO’s 🤤

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton