is expiring tomorrow…and what happens next could be interesting

Over the years different celebrities have tried to buy their names from other people who got to their .COMs before they did. While you might think someone would have the right to their own darn name, historically that hasn’t been the case.

Now I don’t personally buy people’s names in .COM, something about it never felt right to me. That being said, in some cases it is perfectly legal and Sedo has an article covering five notable cases where celebs fought to get their .COMs.

Kevin Costner

What’s happening right now you don’t see too often, the domain name which was owned by Kevin Costner, didn’t seem to get renewed and if it’s not renewed tomorrow, someone else can scoop it up in an expired domain auction.

Domain Investor and blogger Elliot Silver warned the celeb over Twitter today of what was about to happen in this tweet:

If the domain name expires it could end up in someone else’s hands and that could get interesting. Like I said, I don’t touch names like these with a ten foot pole myself, but I know someone will and I’ll have the popcorn ready 🍿 if that happens!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton