Ghost(.)co is about to break $10k on

Last week I wrote an article about how I see the wholesale value of .CO domains going up, way up, and today the .CO Gods seemed to agree. As of me writing this post Ghost(.)co is at $9,749 on and like the title says, it’s about to break $10k, maybe even by the time you read this, so I better write quickly!

This is an interesting domain given that there’s a pretty awesome company called Ghost that makes a blogging platform that is really gaining steam that currently brands on, part of me wonders if they are one of the bidders.

I didn’t bid on this auction because I honestly think that Ghost (the blogging platform) is getting so much notoriety around the brand name Ghost, they’d likely be one of the only potential buyers. I just don’t think many startups would want to call themselves Ghost right now given that they’d have to constantly deal with confusion between them and this wildly popular blogging platform. Since Ghost already owns the .ORG, I’m not sure they would spend too much for the .CO but my guess is they would want it since they aren’t a non-profit so the .ORG is a bit confusing.

Of course, that’s just my two cents, let’s see who gets it and for how much!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton