Taking DAN.com for a spin – first impressions

Over the years I’ve used just about every solution out there for generating landing pages on a domain name. As I’ve said many times before – if you want to sell a domain name, having a landing page on that name that let’s a prospective buyer know it’s for sale is critical.

Yes, most of us in the domain name world know all about WHOIS and even how to contact people using WHOIS privacy (just email the darn email address!) but that’s not true for everyone.

My go-to over the last few years for domain sales landing pages is Efty.com, I’m a huge fan of theirs and have been really impressed with all the features and functionality they’ve added over time. That being said, I’ve never tried DAN.com and do know a number of people who use it so thought I would take it for a spin.

One thing I really liked about DAN.com from the get-go is their UX, it’s super clean and very polished. When I first logged-into DAN.com a message on Intercom showed up on the right-hand side that recommended an article to me about some new features they added. I clicked on the link but ended up on a “404 not found” page.

As a software guy myself I know these things happen so I sent them a quick note to let them know, no big deal. Next I went to add my domains, this is pretty darn simple – you can either just write a list of domain in a text entry box or upload a CSV, here’s what the experience looks like:

I added my domains and then updated my NameServers to point to the following four NameServers:


The reason I’m writing all of them in this post is just to highlight that when you’re using a service like this, you should always use as many NameServers as you can, that way if something goes screwy on their side, you have something to fall back on.

After that, poof – landing pages were rocking. Here’s an example of what one looks like:

Two small things I noticed that aren’t a big deal but just caught my eye. One is a small grammar error under my profile. It says “Member since over four years” rather than “member for over four years.” I was surprised to see that I was a member for that long but remembered that I did create an Undeveloped account probably four years ago so that’s where I think that’s coming from.

The other stylistic thing that really isn’t a deal-breaker but just bugs me a little is that the icons on the bottom aren’t centered. My eyes feel like they should be centered but they’re squished over to the left. Once again, no big deal.

What did confuse the heck out of me is the options for the seller box. DAN.com allows you to pick what you want it to show in that little box with my face in it…and well, two of the options sound like something I certainly don’t want to show up there:

  • Delivers within about 50 years
  • Responds within about 50 years

Also since I’m new to DAN.com, the “offers received section” shows zero. So my current concern is that anyone who ends up at my landing page either sees that it takes me 50 years to deliver a domain, 50 years to respond to an offer, or that I haven’t had any offers. I definitely wish there was a way to disable this as I’m thinking this is probably going to be a detractor to anyone thinking of making an offer.

Of course, like I said above, as a fellow software guy, I know that bugs like this happen so I let them know and I’m guessing they’ll have this fixed soon.

I like the look-and-feel of the landing pages, the design is incredibly clean and polished and like Efty, DAN.com has some good features behind-the-scenes to validate people so that I’m not getting a bunch of SPAM.

At the end of the day, I still think Efty is going to remain my go-to but I’m looking forward to seeing how DAN.com does over the next month to compare results. Either way, I think it’s awesome that there are companies offering a service like this to Domainers and really putting the time and energy into building a solid solution.

Rewind ten years ago and there really was nothing that comes close to what either of these companies offer so hats off to both of them for putting in the time, money, and work, all so we can have beautiful for sale landers on our domain names 🙏

If anyone has experiences with Efty or DAN.com they want to share, feel free to do so in the comment section below!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton