Equal Ventures just raised a $56M fund, and of course they’re branding on a .VC domain

Equal Ventures

Last week I wrote an article about the growing popularity of the .VC domain extension. Honestly, I’m seeing .VC everywhere now and it’s getting hard to ignore how quickly this domain extension has become a go-to in the Venture Capital world.

Yesterday TechCrunch broke the news about Equal Ventures, a new VC firm that just closed a $56M fund. No surprises, they are branding on Equal.vc. Here’s a bit more about the fund:

The two believe that a concentrated and thesis-driven investment model for seed will win out against casual, spray-and-pray investors, as well as larger firms that dabble in seed as a way to build up their cap table positions for later-stage rounds.

While the fund is officially closing this week, the firm has already been busy, locking in more than half a dozen startup investments in areas like retail, logistics and talent. The firm targets a median check size of roughly $1.5 million, and will presumably reserve a hefty chunk of its fund for follow-on investments.

One element that Kerby explained to me that differentiates Equal from other firms is the firm’s lack of focus on the technical background of its founders. He and Zullo believe that modern SaaS tools and more democratized business platforms make it easier than ever to start digital businesses, even without a background in computer science or that fancy alphabet soup of AI/ML.(Source – TechCrunch)

What I really like about Equal Ventures is their approach. They’re taking a different path and focusing on great founders and an approach that goes deeper than just a check. Equal Ventures likes to work directly with their founders to help them succeed:

We believe conviction favors concentration over diversification. We treat every startup like a member of our family, not just a logo. We invest in a concentrated number of companies to allow us to spend more time with our portfolio and bring the resources of the firm (not just a single partner of a platform) to our founders.(Source – Equal.vc)

I am really looking forward to seeing what companies Equal Ventures invests in, they’re taking a unique approach and have a strong thesis that I think is going to make them a very well known fund over time. Huge congrats to Richard and Rick, $56M is one heck of a nice way to kick off a new fund! 🚀

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton