Josh Reason launched this week and it looks pretty awesome 😎

Josh and I have been Twitter friends for some time now but I finally got the chance to meet him in-person at NamesCon. Well fresh off of NamesCon Josh has a new announcement, and like many others, I’m pretty excited. It’s called and it’s a marketplace for Domainers to sell to other Domainers at wholesale prices.


The first thing that struck me about is the UX – it is super clean, from the site itself to the registration flow it’s clearly thought out and feels sparkly and fresh, like a new car.

As a domain investor buying domains there are four reasons why thinks it will be a go-to for you:

  1. Only accepting investment-grade domains
  2. Domain pricing clearly set at wholesale
  3. Easy to search and filter
  4. Non-negotiable BIN prices

For domain investors selling domains the main draws to DNWE are:

  1. Still maintaining retail prices on your domains in public marketplaces
  2. Only a 9% success fee
  3. Quick payouts = fast liquidity

While there have been some initial bugs getting things off the ground Josh has been super honest about them and incredibly communicative on Twitter.

This is the right way to do things. Rather than promising people a perfect experience, I think it’s great that Josh is honest, hey – there are always bugs when you’re getting a new site launched, rather than hiding it Josh is taking the high road and I think that’s awesome.

I’m looking forward to listing some of my names on, I think it’s a great idea and with Josh at the helm I also think it’s going to be done right. Huge congrats to Josh – looking forward to being a customer both as a buyer and a seller! 🙌

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton