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Hello, happy Friday and Valentines Day and welcome to my weekly domain investing news highlights. This year I want to do a better job of including breaking news from social media as well as blogs so I’d like to kick-off this week’s update with the following tweet…you might find it’s related to the title of my post (hint – buzz, too corny?):

MyBees.com Domain Sale

Congrats to Shane, solid sale and another great example of why two-word .COMs make such good investments.

Not surprisingly one of the top stories in the Domain Investing world so far this year has been the impending rise of .COM prices and many people have chimed in to share their sentiments. Below are a few different blog posts from the last week about this topic:

Namecheap: “Help Us Avoid .COM Price Increases”
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.Com price hike comment period ends February 14
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ICANN president on .COM domain prices : Articles perpetuate misunderstandings!
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GoDaddy: “Let your voice be heard”
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The major headline this week was Go Daddy’s acquisition of Uniregistry and Frank Schilling’s domain portfolio. Below are some article highlighting the transaction and speculating on the final sales price…which I think we all know is a big chunk of change no matter how you slice it.

GoDaddy Makes Blockbuster Acquisition of Uniregistry’s Registrar & Market and  Frank Schilling’s Domain Portfolio
(read more on DNJournal)

What GoDaddy’s acquisition of Uniregistry means for domain investors
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Rob Monster’s prediction on Uniregistry on the money
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and it’s safe to say Frank was pretty darn exciting and did some celebrating of his own with family and friends. This week Frank sent out a tweet encouraging people to follow him on Instagram as well:

Here’s one of my favorite photos from Frank’s recent shares on Instagram…I’m wondering if this is the call where they finalized the deal?

Next up, Josh Reason announced a brand new service for domain investors to sell names at wholesale to other investors called DNWE.com. Before announcing the new site he hinted at it on Twitter in this tweet:

Later that day Josh tweeted:

Josh Reason announces DNWE.com

Last but certainly not least, domain industry veteran and well-known domain attorney Howard Neu uncovered some very interesting new data on the UDRP-front. Howard first announced the news on his blog at NeusNews.com and then Ron Jackson covered it on DNJournal.

What Howard discovered after analyzing hundreds of UDRP cases is pretty interesting, and if the trend holds, could mean very good things ahead for domain name investors.

Of course there was a lot of other exciting news this week but these are the stories that caught my eye. As always, feel free to comment on any of these stories are share one you think I missed in the comment section below!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton