Domain Investing News for the week of February 3rd 2020

Domain Investing News

Well it’s safe to say I’m still on cloud nine after NamesCon this year, I think everyone who went recognizes how darn special it was. Heck, it’s been special every year but I think what changes is us, we all get closer and that means even better conversations, experiences, etc. I’m already getting excited for Budapest ✈️

I ended up selling two domain names that more than covered the entire cost of my flights, hotels, food, drinks, etc. so the conference has been paid for. Also, one of the deals I started working on at the conference looks like it will close this week, and with a few more in the works, I think this could turn out to be my best NamesCon yet 🙌

Like I’ve said over and over again, it’s all about the people. While I think video chat has been a game-changer, there’s really nothing like being in-person with someone. I’ve already put some of the tips people shared with me to work and I’ve had a ton of follow-ups with people that is really setting up 2020 to be one heck of a year. Can you tell I’m excited? Talk to anyone that was at NamesCon…you’ll find they have the same energy.

Okay – enough gushing from me. A lot happened in the Domain Investing world last week and I’ve hand-picked some of the article that I think are an absolute must-read. Enjoy!

Results from the 2020 NamesCon Live Auction
(

New York times covers the .Ai extension
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5 Immediate Actions to Execute Following NamesCon Global
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Spanish fashion company tries to scalp
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Two startups building their brands on .IO domains raised $53M combined today
(read more on my blog) and go live
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Two New Six-Figure Sales Top This Week’s Domain Sales Chart and Neither Are .Coms
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Domain price increases : Gave ICANN a piece of my mind, and so should you
(

Voices Rising Against Proposed ICANN Agreement With Verisign That Would Push .Com Prices Up 31% in 4 Years
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Countries consider their country code a natural resource
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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton