Stairwell did one heck of a combo move with $4.5M raise and

As a startup founder landing a firm like Accel is a dream come true. If you don’t know Accel, here’s a fund fact. Accel was a very early investor in Facebook, they ended up with 10% of the company after a $12.7M investment in 2005. Five years later they sold of chunk of Facebook stock when the company hit at $35B valuation. In short, if Accel backs you, it’s a good sign.

The good news for founders is Accel also travels with a good group, and in this case Sequoia who has funded companies like LinkedIn, AirBnB, PayPal and many more is also coming along for the ride.

So onto Stairwell and a little fun fact about First a high-level overview of Stairwell does:

Stairwell believes in forging a future in which any security team, regardless of size, sophistication, or resources, can be empowered to defend against every attacker.

The team behind Stairwell, including security leaders and engineers from Google and Microsoft, is singularly focused on making that future a reality. Before we started scoping products and services, before we wrote a business plan or job descriptions, we outlined our foundational principles that would define our values to each other and our customers.(Source –

You can read on to hear more about the foundational principles of Stairwell, it’s pretty inspirational and clear that the founders are really looking at doing something big.

Now for the fun fact. The domain name (you knew there would be a domain twist to this right?) was sold by Braden Pollock to Stairwell for $60,000 and he shared a bit more details on the sale in this episode of DomainSherpa.

As I’ve said so many times now I’ve lost count, the massive advantage to owning your .COM is the ability to call your company the word itself. Stairwell can be Stairwell and not or because they went with the .COM. And something tells me we’ll be hearing a lot more about Stairwell now that they have $4.5M in the bank.

Congrats to Mike and team, looking forward to following along with the adventure, you’ve got some amazing investors behind you and one heck of a team 🚀

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton