Is Vomit(.)com a good investment? domain auction

When it comes to one-word .COMs not all domains are treated equally. While normally a five-letter, well-known word might seem like a good investment, there are some cases where I just don’t see it…and Vomit(.)com is one of those cases.

Currently at $5,200 with more than two days to go I’m not quite sure how much upside there is on a name like this. That being said, maybe there’s some magic here that I don’t see.

Whenever you buy a domain as an investment you have to think about who the potential buyer is. The best domains are generic one word .COMs, words  that can be used by a broad range of companies. Positive action words tend to take the cake here which is why words like Fast, Shift, etc. are incredibly valuable in .COM and just about every other extension you can think of.

Negative action words are tricky for a lot of reasons. You have to think, how many people, when coming up with their company name think that a negative action word is the way to go. Sure, some do but I think we’re talking about a very small group.

IMO, I think Vomit isn’t just a negative action word, it’s also a word that frankly makes you think of something gross. The pool of buyers for this domain are small so I’m curious to know if the people bidding on it are planning on reselling it or if they themselves are the end-user that wants to put the name to use.

Of course, that’s just my two cents, maybe you see something I don’t. Also note the vast majority of my comments now come through Twitter so while you’re welcome to comment below, make sure to look on Twitter as that’s where most of the action happens!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton