Who says you can’t sell domains on Twitter? 123(.)io just sold for 1 BTC


I woke up this morning to see something pretty interesting on Twitter. Entrepreneur and domain industry veteran Shane Cultra had sent out a tweet offering 123(.)io for sale at 1 BTC. Shortly after, Andy Booth, one of the most active domain investors and brokers out there jumped in said he’d take the deal, here’s the tweet that started it all:

123.io sale

Doing a bit of research on NameBio.com I was able to see that Shane originally bought the name for $3,588 through Park.io back in March of 2018. With Bitcoin currently at around $15k that’s a 5x ROI in a little over two years 🚀

I reached out to Shane this morning and he let me know that he is going to be hanging onto the Bitcoin he gets from the sale long term. Shane also made a good point in his tweet – while this is certainly proof that domains can sell on Twitter, it doesn’t mean that just any domain will sell.

I’ve seen a lot of investors in the past make the mistake of spamming Twitter with junky domains in Tweets filled with hashtags…this doesn’t work. What Shane did here is awesome, he shared a bit of data, posted a solid name, clear price expectation, and made it happen.

Congrats to Shane and Andy, two of my favorite people in the industry doing a deal together, on Twitter, with Bitcoin, it’s a beautiful moment!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton