I’m looking forward to Radix Converge this week 🤩

While I do miss seeing everyone in-person at conferences, I have to say, I’ve been digging virtual conferences. A couple of weeks ago we went to ShopTalk which really exceeded my expectations, we packed a ton of meetings into a few days. Next week we’re proud to sponsor PI Apparel, which we’d normally be flying out to NYC for but now I get to do it, well sitting right here at my desk at home.

Like I said above, yes – I really do miss seeing everyone in-person, grabbing a beer, and enjoying the serendipity that happens at in-person events. But I also take COVID very seriously and have no plans to return to in-person events anytime soon.

So I was excited to see that Radix, the registry behind some of the most popular new gTLDs like .TECH, .ONLINE, .STORE and many more announced a conference of their own. The event is called Radix Converge and it kicks off at 8AM PST, so yes, I’ll be there, in my PJs with a big cup of coffee ready to rock ☕️

This is the first time Radix has put on an event like this and they did a pretty awesome trailer for it that you can check out below:

If you are a registrar or reseller, or work for one this is a great opportunity to hear the latest-and-greatest from Radix. Apparently there’s going to be some exciting news shared at 9am PST, and by then I’ll be completely caffeinated and plugged in.

Along with attending the event I’ll be taking notes and sharing some of the nuggets I learn with the rest of you. Thanks to Radix for putting on Converge, I’m excited! 🕺

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton