Six Handshake domain sales that caught my eye last week

Yesterday I wrote an article on covering the top .IO and .CO sales from the last week, and @HandshakeJesus on Twitter mentioned that there are some pretty impressive Handshake sales happening as well, he even mentioned an 100k coin deal that he knew about, here’s the tweet:

I honestly didn’t know where you’d go to even look at Handshake domain sales so I asked on Twitter and @NamesakeMark got back to me with two links:

So this morning, I couldn’t help myself, I had to poke around and check out some of the handshake domain sales for the past week and I was pretty impressed with what I found. Surprisingly the top Handshake domain sale I found is an emoji domain that actually sold yesterday, the 😞  emoji which sold for 50,000HNS which is around $15,000 USD.

Handshake emoji domain sale

A handful of other sales caught my eye:

  • SCP/ – sold on Feb 20th for 25,001HNS ($7,500 USD)
  • Logic/ – sold on Feb 19th for 8,000HNS ($2,400 USD)
  • Mezcal/ – sold on Feb 19th for 4,500HNS ($1,350 USD)
  • Healing/ – sold on Feb 19th for 7,000HNS ($2,100 USD)
  • Clinics/ – sold on Feb 19th for 5,000HNS ($1,500 USD)

As I’ve mentioned I currently only own one Handshake domain, morganlinton/ and I’m still not sure if I’m going to be investing in any more. While I’m interested in the market, I’m more interest in continuing to invest in two-word .COMs and premium .IO and .CO domains.

That being said, I am paying attention and I could see myself investing in a few Handshake domains this year once I learn more about the market. One thing I’m really enjoying about Handshake is the community, there are some very passionate people who really believe in Handshake, and that can go a long way to helping to gain more widespread adoption.

Special thanks to @HandshakeJesus and @NamesakeMark for continuing to help me learn more about Handshake, you guys rock! 🎸

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton