Domain investors are diversifying in 2021, from crypto to virtual cards

With almost two months down in 2021 there are already some trends emerging that are hard to ignore, and one of those trends that you can’t miss is domain investors trying out new things and seeing good results in the process.

It’s no secret that Bitcoin reaching news highs and altcoins from Cardano to Dogecoin seeing major price moves domain investors have been jumping in, or doubling down in many cases. Handshake domains have also found a nice intersection between domains and crypto and places like NameBase are now seeing $5,000 in transactions every three hours.

And then there’s NBA Top Shots which I feel like I’m hearing about daily now – I didn’t even know what this was a few weeks ago. Two well-known domain investors actually tweeted about NBA Top Shots today, see below:

I think this is going to make 2021 a really interesting year in so many ways. Now on Twitter domain investors that used to talk about domains exclusively are talking about crypto, handshake, and virtual sports cards. There has also been a ton of buzz about NFT’s but I’ll leave that for it’s own article since that’s really a hot topic.

While domain investors are definitely branching out, I don’t think it’s taking any money away from the domain industry, if not investors are going even bigger this year. The reality is, so many domain investors had a banner year in 2020 which means they’re coming into 2021 with more money to spend and an even bigger appetite for risk.

I think it’s an incredibly exciting time to be alive in so many ways and I think we’re going to be hearing about some interesting sales this year, plenty of domains, but plenty of other digital assets that should raise some eyebrows.

One thing I can tell you about 2021 is there are more opportunities now than ever before, the key will be identifying the true opportunities and not spending too much money on the duds.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton