Like Python? Learn Flask

So I think by now you realize that I’m a bit of a Python geek, and yes, I’m getting geekier by the day. One of the latest crazes in the Python world and with good reason is Flask. No I’m not talking about the flask you drink out of, and I’m excited to say that when you search on Google for Flask, that’s not what comes up first either (at least not for me).


Flask is what’s called a Microframework which is a buzzword used in this case to mean, it makes life easier. Flask makes it super easy to build web apps using Python and since Python is coming back in a big way (I knew it would happen some day!) that makes it pretty darn popular right now.

So…back to the title of this post, if you like Python you should probably learn Flask, and yes, you can do it in a weekend. Below are three resources you can use to get your Flask chops up so you’ll be coding in no time. Also, if you want a cool place to host all your Flask code I highly recommend Python Anywhere (no I’m not an affiliate so I could care less if you click the link).

Learn Flask this weekend:

1. The main Flask Site (start here)

2. Flask Mega-Tutorial

3. Python and Flask are Ridiculously Powerful

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton