Morgan’s Morning Reads – How To Write Better Python Code, Duetto Raises $21M, ICANN Heads To Morocco

While I’m not usually a “routine” kind of guy, I do have a morning routine that has stayed the same for the last few years. Every morning I spend the first 10-15 minutes on Twitter reading the news. I used to read the news in the morning by navigating from website to website, now I have my Twitter feed honed so that I get all the latest news from my favorite news sites and blogs.

In this 10-15 minute span I get a good feel for what is going on in the programming world, the startup world, and the domain world, no I’m not a sports guy so these are my worlds. So I thought I’d start sharing these with all of you, I’m not going to do it daily because, well, my life is too busy to promise that but I will do it when I can. Now on with three stories that caught my eye this morning:

Antipatterns in Python Programming

I found this article on Y Combinator’s Hacker News, I follow these guys on Twitter and they tend to share some of the best geeky programming-related stories along with startup news. In my opinion this article is a must-read for Python programmers, it covers some of the ways in which you’re probably writing ugly, inefficient code, and tells you how you can clean up your act and write better code. My favorite section is about using list comprehensions properly, I’m definitely guilty of doing it the other way…but not any more!

Duetto raises $21M led by Accel

As the co-founder of a SaaS company (shameless plug for Fashion Metric) I am always interested to see what the leaders in the space are doing. Duetto has a very cool concept and I’ve been loosely following them for the past year or so. Here’s the idea, if hotels had more data (and better data) about how to price their rooms, they could make more money by understanding when to apply surge pricing and when to discount. Duetto does this, and damn well which is why a badass VC firm like Accel led their $21M round. Oh and yes I follow Techcrunch on Twitter which is where I found this article.

ICANN Selects Marrakesh, Morocco As The Site For ICANN 52

One of my favorite blogs on the planet is The Domains, written by Michael Berkens a lawyer turned domain name investor and one of the leaders in the domain world. I follow @thedomains on twitter (and you should too!). Today Michael broke the news that ICANN (the folks who regulate domains) is holding its 52nd meeting in Marrakesh Morocco – what a cool spot for a conference. There’s a lot going on at ICANN right now as they deal with the massive influx of new domain extensions hitting the market.

Okay, so those are my top three stories from this morning, feel free to share yours in the comment section below!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton