It’s Official – .CO.COM Is Here!


The Miami Heat assembled their dream team a few years ago and now the domain industry has assembled theirs. Paul Goldstone, Ken Hansen and Gregg McNair, three of the most well-known domain industry veterans have joined forces and today is their day, .CO.COM has arrived.

According to the .CO.COM team: is getting the greatest uptake in the 218 countries where third level names are commonplace (UK, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Korea, Japan, etc.). Registrants have been able to get the keyword names they’ve wanted, but have long gone in .com or their respective ccTLD. (Source – .CO.COM Blog)

Having spent the better half of 8 years traveling all over the world I have seen this first hand. Just walk through England, Korea, Japan or hundreds of other countries and you’ll find third level domain names are the norm, this is where .CO.COM is going to make waves, and big ones.

Below are a few highlights about the .CO.COM launch that should cover just about any questions you might have about the launch or the extension:

  • The launch is today, Tuesday July 8th at 12:00PM EDT
  • The .CO.COM registry recently released a whopping 25,000 premium names (but there are still plenty of great names left)
  • One major differentiator between .CO.COM and other new gTLDs is that it ends in .COM
  • .CO.COM will rank better in global searches than ccTLDs which are massively biased towards their own country
  • .CO.COM names have built-in traffic (yes, many of these names already are getting traffic)

You can now register a .CO.COM domain name at just about every registrar on the planet (full list here). Huge congrats to the whole .CO.COM team, I’ve known all three of these guys for years and for those of you who know them you know that they only do big things!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton