With New gTLDs It’s All About Who Builds On Them and .CLUB Looks To Be Leading The Pack

I’ve made my stance on new gTLDs clear about ten times now but as a blogger who talks about domains it can’t hurt to say it again. I do not see new gTLDs as great investments for domain investors, I do see them as great homes for incredible startups and small businesses all over the world. That’s why I think new gTLD success needs to be judged by how many amazing and innovative companies are building on the new gTLDs.


When it comes to development it looks like .CLUB is leading the pack from where I sit and OnlineDomain.com did a great article today about the fact that .CLUB domains are everywhere – and it’s true! In a short period of time .CLUB has an impressive roster of brands building and growing on .CLUB domains.

The last time I saw this happen was with .CO which we all know has become a leader in the startup space and home to some of the most recognized startups in the world (Angel.co, Vine.co, Jelly.co).

OnlineDomain.com also highlighted a new video that .CLUB released which I think does a great job of highlighting all the awesome development being done on .CLUB domain names:

Once again, hat tip to OnlineDomain.com who first broke the news (or at least is where I first spotted it!)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton