DND.com launches one of the best resources on domain names I’ve ever seen

Yesterday I saw a tweet from one of my favorite people in the domain name world, Alan Dunn about the launch of DND.com, a new resource about domain names and branding that is like nothing I’ve seen before.

Here’s a quick overview of what the site is all about:

DND (Domain Name Data) is a collection of unique perspectives about domain names, branding, and online commerce. Contributors include people from all around the world with diverse backgrounds.(Source – DND.com)

As for the people behind the site, well it’s about as impressive of a group that you could think of putting together to share insights about domain names, branding, and online commerce.

Alan Dunn – Managing Director of NameCorp and digital naming expert and brand consultant with 20+ years of experience.

Jeff Gabriel – co-founder of Saw.com and one of the most well-known domain brokers in the world.

Jamie Zoch – founder of DotWeekly and well-known domain name consultant for 14+ years.

Andrei Polgar – best-selling author of One Minute Economics and long-time domain name industry veteran.

Wendy Leung – previously the VP of Operations at Domain Holdings, Wendy has 10+ years of experience in digital marketing and 5+ years of operation experience with deep expertise in digital marketing and analytics.

Mark Daniel – Managing Director of Domain Holdings and the man behind some monster sales of domains like Internet.com, Hero.com, Purple.com and more.

I spent some time last night reading some of the articles on the site and quickly found myself totally absorbed in a super cool experience about color and who owns the .COM. You’ll notice that I said experience because this was more than an article, it was an interactive experience where you both read about the power of color when it comes to branding and then can move over colored squares to reveal who owns the corresponding .COM.

So I think I ended up reading half the articles on the site last night and I can tell you the rest are going to be my weekend reading. As you can tell, I’m impressed and with the team behind DND.com I think this will quickly become one of the go-to resources on the Internet about domain names, branding, and online commerce.

Congrats to Alan and the whole team! 🎉

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton