Seller of breaks $100k sales mark in 2020 🚀

In June the sale of was announced and coming in at $48,500 it still stands as one of the top .IO sales of all time. The seller who goes by Bar (@ppcbz on Twitter) has been very active on Twitter and he’s quickly become one of my favorite domain investors to follow.

Today Bar shared his stats for 2020 and like the post title says, he cleared the $100k mark coming in at $113,000 to be exact, here’s a high-level breakdown of the COGS and top line revenue:

Bar 2020 domain sales

Before I go any further I know someone is going to say, “hey but he probably bought more than 11 domain names to build his portfolio!” And yes, that’s true but it’s clear based on this data that Bar knows how to pick em’ since turning $3,782 into $113k is no small feat.

Bar did comment on this as well in his tweet:

Domain sales details

Bar went on to share that he has around 700 domains in his portfolio so for those doing the math he still has ~98% of his portfolio left. Oh, and this is a very good thing IMO. If you’re able to generate over $100k from your portfolio while parting ways with only a handful of names, that’s a good sign. Of course this assumes a portfolio full of evenly matched domains but it’s clear Bar has a good eye so my guess is there isn’t too much junk in his portfolio and more names like these are relatively abundant still.

Also, while the sales definitely catapulted Bar into .IO legend status, only ~100 of the domains in his portfolio are .IO, he’s mostly a .COM guy. Given that almost half of his annual revenue came from one .IO domain, I think it’s safe to say that he’s pretty darn happy he has a good chunk of .IO names as well.

Congrats to Bar on a great 2020 and thanks for sharing your journey with all of us, now here’s to 2021! 🎉

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton