Brand Development Essentials: How To Get Great Content For Your Brands

Like many other people, I’ve often said “Content Is King” and this is absolutely true, however I think the statement could use a slight modification. I would actually like to change this statement to “Great Content Is King” because lousy content really doesn’t live-up to the title of “King.”

With so many Domainers getting-into development and monetization I am finding more and more people coming to me and asking how to get content for their sites. I have a few recommendations and I think this should evolve over time, getting better and better as your grow your brand and your business.

In the beginning if you are running one website I recommend you write the content yourself. I wrote all the content for my first ten sites and put a lot of time and energy into making it the best content that it could be. While this took-up time in the beginning it was a great learning experience and helped me better understand what kind of content I should be looking for when hiring a writer for one of my brands.

This is also a great way to get started without having to make much of an investment. Once your sites start to generate revenue then you can look-into paid content options but you’ll want to make sure that in doing so you are keeping a focus on quality. Avoid content services that charge you $1-5 for an article as these rarely deliver good quality and can often hurt more than they help.

So where can you get good content?

There are a few places I recommend for getting good content, each one a bit different.

1. TextBroker – this was originally recommended to me by my buddy Elliot and I have been really impressed with them so far. Elliot recommended that I stick to Level 4 or higher and I think this is the best compromise between quality and price. When you find a good writer you can add them to your own team within the platform which means over time you’ll build a nice group of good writers. This is one of the easiest ways to manage a team of writers too so can save time and a zillion emails and Pay Pal payments back-and-forth.

2. Hire A Writer Through Craigslist Or The Newspaper – you can always hire your own writers by putting an ad on Craigslist or in the local newspaper. Many of my initial writers were actually stay at home Moms that I found by advertising in the newspaper. While the quality is often quite good, like TextBroker you aren’t finding someone who is truly passionate or experienced with the topic.

3. Hire An Expert – this is the technique I’ve found myself using more and more. If you really want the best content, you’ll want to find someone that is already passionate about the topic and who actually enjoys writing about it. On our Kayaking brand, for example, we found a buy in British Columbia who absolutely loves Kayaking. He kayaks just about every day and takes some amazing photos and videos of his adventures. While you’ll pay more for experts you’ll get the best content and create something that really engages your visitors and keeps them coming back.

So next time someone says “Content is King” just remember that while this is true it is the quality of that content that really makes all the difference.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton