Weekend Musings Plus Me And Chris D’Elia In Hollywood


Me and Chris D'Elia

Is it just me or is 2012 just flying by? It honestly feels like just last week that Daina and I were up in the mountains relaxing in our cabin in the snow and now its mid February! This has been one heck of an exciting year and I can tell you it’s only getting more exciting.

Last night we went to an amazing stand-up comedy show at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood and today we’re off to Santa Barbara for the weekend so I’ll keep this short and sweet, which I know I say every time, but this time I mean it!

  • Exciting things are happening in the Domaining world this year! From some nice sales to growth of TLDs like .ORG, .CO, and .ME it’s nice to see so much activity in the space. DOMAINfest was the perfect way to start the year and I can tell you from the conversations I had with everyone there, this is going to be a banner year for the industry.
  • Innovate or die. Now for a little more grim outlook, but realistic. While this will be an exciting year for the industry, it will also be marked by consolidation. With new parking and monetization platforms launching all the time we’re going to see some stay, and some bite the dust. I think companies like Protrada, Epik, and Domain Apps that really focus on engaging with visitors and creating real usable sites will probably see the most growth in this climate.
  • Don’t use Pay Pal to buy/sell domains. I can’t emphasize this enough. Just about every week I hear another story of someone losing a domain after transferring it to a buyer who paid with Pay Pal. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pay Pal and use it a ton, but only with people I trust, and rarely to buy or sell domains, and in the case that I do it’s only with close personal friends. Using a service like Escrow.com can honestly mean the difference between making a great sale and losing a great domain.
  • Are you coming to Domaining Europe? If not you should! This is the next big Domaining conference and it’s going to be an absolute blast. I can’t wait to go and really look forward to connecting up with all the awesome Domainers and Europe and hopefully some of my blog readers as well. Come on, do you really need a good excuse to go to Vallencia?
  • Have fun! I’ll end on this note. I know that many of you, like me, work hard. Just make sure to have fun while you’re doing it and take the time to relax and just enjoy yourself. As you all probably know Daina and I go wine tasting or to B&B’s just about every weekend now, if you don’t balance your life your work will suffer. So have fun, in the end it will actually help your business!

Okay, and that is about as short and sweet as I get! Have a great weekend everyone and hello from beautiful Santa Barbara, now get out of your house and go have an adventure!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton