Small Business Sunday: Developers Delight – There’s A New Text Editor In Town

A friend of mine who is a very talented developer recently told me about a new text editor he started using that has allowed him to be way more efficient. Now I’ve heard this before and usually the answer is TextWrangler – but not this time. The text editor is called Sublime Text and after using it for a week I can say, I concur, in a major way!

Sublime Text

As you case see from the image above it really is a bare bones text editor but it’s what’s under the hood that really makes it special. Sublime Text really is Sublime and offers some pretty amazing features that save time and allow you to do things you really can’t do in any other text editor. One of those features is called Multi-Cursor which allows you to do things that you’ve been wanting to do with “Find and Replace” literally forever!

If you’re a Domainer who is slowly becoming a Domain Developer, or if you’re already a developer I think this might just save you some time, which you can use to do more important things like drinking beer, or learning how to do a handstand. If you want to see Sublime in action take a look at the video below, this walks through a lot of the top features and shows you why Sublime really is Sublime.

Note: This is not a sponsored posts, I don’t know the folks over at Sublime and they don’t know me. I am writing this because I do really think their text editor kicks ass, period.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton