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Morgan Linton Breckenridge

Hello, happy Sunday, and welcome back to my weekend musings! I tried taking a break from weekending musings for a few months and after the tenth email from readers asking to add it back into the mix I’ve decided to make it happen.

As the co-founder of a startup I pretty much work all days, nights, and most weekends but I think it’s important to take one-week a year to rest, relax, and recuperate for the year ahead. So this week we’ve escaped to Colorado for a week of skiing. The first half of the trip we’re in Breckenridge in a ski-in, ski-out condo at the base of Peak 9. Here’s a view of the slopes from our living room:

Breckenridge Village

It’s our first time in a ski-in ski-out and it has been a great experience that I definitely want to do again, and again. Rather than having to pack all of our ski equipment into a car, drive to a ski resort, park, and then lug our equipment to the base of the mountain, we now just change in our living room and walk for directly to the lift and onto the mountain.

Breckenridge Skiing

We skied Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the picture above is from Christmas Day, as you can tell, we definitely got the snowy Christmas we were looking for! For the last couple of hours on Christmas we were skiing in a snow storm which was a lot of fun and a new adventure onto itself. On Saturday the sun was out and made for one incredibly beautiful day of skiing:

Ski Breckenridge

For years now I have been a solid Intermediate skier sticking to Blue Squares. Daina is a much better skier than me and has been helping me improve my form and technique over time. I’ve excited to say that this is the trip that I finally graduated to Black Diamonds which has made our skiing adventures more fun than ever before and really allowed me to push myself.

One of the things I really love about skiing in Breckenridge is the sheer amount of slopes and mountains you can explore. The ski resort is a lot more like four ski resorts connected together, here’s a quick look at the layout:

Breckenridge Ski Map

As you can see there are five peaks, Peak 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6. Each peak is like a different ski resort with different runs, restaurants, and feel. We skied all five peaks, here’s my rundown of each:

Peak 10 – this is the most advanced peak, the slopes are almost exclusively Black Diamonds and the views are absolutely spectacular from the top.

Peak 9 – this is the peak with the most amount of slopes and is a good beginners/intermediate hill with the vast majority of its slopes being Green Circle and Blue Squares.

Peak 8 – probably the best peak if you want a good mix of beginning, intermediate, and advanced slopes, this also makes it the busiest which can be annoying at times.

Peak 7 – a peak full of Blue Squares, perfect for intermediate skiers that want lots of variety while still skiing at the same difficulty level. Also one of my favorite parts about Peak 7 is a T-Bar you can take up to an advanced area at the very top full of Black Diamonds, it’s an adventure getting up there but well worth it.

Peak 6 – this is Breckenridge’s newest peak and it doesn’t disappoint. It is the highest peak on the mountain and has a Blue Square at the top called “Bliss” that I absolutely loved. Like Peak 7, Peak 6 is also mostly Blue Squares.

The town of Breckenridge is one of the best places to spend Christmas because the town really is like a little Christmas village. Every shop and store has unique character and charm which makes it absolutely magical to walk down Main St. at night. The North Face store is a great example of what the shops and stores look like in downtown Breck:

North Face Breckenridge

Today we’re heading off to Vail for the second half of our trip and more ski adventures. This will be our first time in Vail and I’m told that the skiing is absolutely incredible – can’t wait!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton