Would you sell this .IO portfolio for 20 BTC?

If you can remember back to earlier this year, which honestly feels like years ago now, then you’ll remember the blockbuster sale of Jackpot.io for $48,500. Bar, the man behind the sale isn’t just stopping there, he’s built one heck of a portfolio of .IO names.

It has been pretty incredible to see .IO’s meteoric rise to fame over the last couple of years. Rewind two years ago and most investors glossed over one-word .IO names, now, they’re bidding like crazy for them on popular aftermarket marketplaces like Park.io.

Earlier this month, Shane from DSAD.com sold 123.io for 1 BTC on Twitter, and he quickly moved it into ETH and turned it into over $20,000 🚀

Shane BTC to ETH

and yesterday on Twitter Bar posted the following proposition:

Bar .IO Portfolio

Given that BTC is currently at $18,893 that would be a $377,860 sale valuing each name in the portfolio at roughly $14,000. I think Bar has a great eye for domains and this is a stellar portfolio, and yes – I would definitely sell at $14,000/name since wholesale on strong one-word .IO names is typically less than $14k and in a portfolio sale you’re often selling at wholesale.

That being said, there are some monster names in Bar’s portfolio, I could see a domain like Slide.io selling for $50k and Made.io is one of the strongest .IO names out there IMO. So it’s a fair question to ask since selling these all over time to end-users could net over $500k, but as a portfolio I think 20 BTC would do it for me.

Congrats to Bar on building such a stellar portfolio, looking forward to seeing what happens next! 🚀

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton