Why I Think Startups Are Going To Love .XYZ

In case you missed the memo there are a deluge of new TLDs coming out very soon. What’s a TLD? That’s what comes after the dot; you know .COM, .NET, .ORG and probably some others like .ME, .CO and .IO, what you might not know is that TLDs like .NYC, .APP and .XYZ are all getting ready for release next year.


At the end of the day I think what will define these TLDs is the companies that run them and .XYZ is actually a startup itself building a TLD that looks like it’s going to be very startup friendly. While we all know and love .COM, it is run by a huge company – Verisign. It’s hard for big companies like this to make quick moves or innovate in any grand ways and at the end of the day they don’t have to since their business is already booming.

New TLD operators are all different, there are big companies like Google getting involved and startups themselves like the team at .XYZ that are really launching a TLD for startups by a startup. While TLDs like .IO have really taken-off, their pricing (~$100/domain) and technical support (based in England) is not incredibly startup friendly.


.XYZ is being run by 28 year-old Daniel Negari, a successful entrepreneur that has a lot of experience in the domain world. He’s running .XYZ as a startup and with a great team that also brings years of domain name expertise to the table. I spoke with Daniel about his plans for the TLD and to make it startup friendly he expects renewal fees to be under $10 (less than 10x the price of a .IO) and he’s looking at doing some pretty creative things to help startups branding on a .XYZ domain get more exposure for their company as well.

You can pre-register .XYZ domains at www.xyz.com and some of the best names are actually already up for auction over at NameJet if you really want to get in early. I’ll be following .XYZ along with many other new gTLDs here on MorganLinton.com, .XYZ is one that I personally believe in because of the team behind it and I look forward to sharing their launch and subsequent adventures with all of you right here on my blog.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton