5 Signs That You’re Addicted To Domain Names

I’ll be one of the first to admit, I am a domain name addict, I love them and I’ve loved them for quite a while now. If you’re reading my blog there’s a good chance you also love domain names but if you’re not entirely sure that you’re an addict just take a look at these questions below.

If you answer “Yes” to all five of these questions I’m happy to say that you are a domain addict:

  1. You have been bidding on expired domains after midnight at least once this week
  2. You have domains at more than three registrars
  3. Domaining.com is the first thing you read every morning (it has been for me for a LONG time now!)
  4. You go to multiple domain conferences each year
  5. Frank Schilling is your hero

Feel free to add some of your own to the list, there are definitely more than five ways to know that you’re addicted to domains!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton