Amazon is powering their employee portal on a .WORK domain

It’s always interesting to see how companies end up making use of new domain name extensions and I came across a really interesting use case of .WORK recently. Amazon, yeah, you’ve heard of them right? Yes, Amazon is using .WORK to power their entire employee portal. Last I checked Amazon had over 560,000 employees worldwide so it’s also not incredibly surprisingly to see that has seen a nice surge in traffic since it’s launch:


(image source – Quantcast)

I think it’s safe to say that Amazon is known to be a bit of a trendsetter, so it seems like this could start a new trend of using .work domain names for employee portals. When you think about this a bit more, this really is what new domain extensions are all about. For years companies have been running sites like or which works but with an extension like .WORK it’s just a much cleaner URL, and one that absolutely everyone can remember without having to look it up.


Of course there are a lot of other use-cases for .WORK, I have also seen a number of people use .WORK as a domain extension for their CV or portfolio. Filmmaker Justin Pelletier has his demo reel and information about the work he’s done in the film industry on his decided site at


I found there are a fair amount of people who, like Justin, also use .WORK for their own CV/portfolio, another good example here is, which is a site made by a 23 year old designer in New York. So while Amazon might be setting a new trend, it looks like a lot of people have already found a home on .WORK, the question is, will Amazon’s move cause more companies to begin using .WORK as their go-to for creating or updating their employee profile?

Only time will tell but for now, with Amazon leading the way, something tells me we’re going to see a lot more .WORK domains in the wild. What do you think? Is .WORK the new go-to for employee portals or is Amazon blazing their own trail here? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton