Is Domain blogging dying? Maybe, but these fine folks are still doing what they can to keep things alive


Rick Schwartz jumped back on the blogging scene this morning to write a post about how Domain Blogging is dead. I have to say, usually when Rick says something he’s done the research, has the data, and it’s usually right, or turns out to be later on. Love him or hate him (I’m in the love category myself) you have to admit, Rick says it like it is and does the work to prove it.

I don’t consider my blog to be a domain blog, this is and I write about a lot of topics from startups to gaming to crypto, and yes I still do talk about domains but it’s not my core focus. This is a personal blog and I write about the things that are interesting to me. Rick called me out in his article for writing a sponsored post on Friday…I wish Unity or Unreal or PluralSight were sponsors…but they aren’t, I’m just interested in learning how to build a game (for fun) and wrote about what I’ve learned about picking a game engine.

While I personally do still check daily, I also typically unplug on the weekends and have noticed, like Rick pointed out that there’s usually not a lot to miss if you do checkout for the weekend. Still there are a lot of great blogs that write super interesting content that I do read so I thought I’d mention them here to give them credit for keeping domain blogging alive.

My favorite blog right now is Michael Berken’s blog, he is still going strong and Raymond has done a great job of continuing to make sure there’s solid content there every day along with running his own active blog at Shane is still rocking and putting out a ton of content on, Konstantinos is also still blogging up a storm and isn’t ever afraid to speak his mind on Elliot rebranded from Elliots Blog to and he still blogs daily with a focus on domain investing.

Of course Ron Jackson is still writing great content at and Andrew has done an incredible job of keeping an incredibly consistent and informative domain news blog at And I couldn’t possibly leave out what many consider their daily dose of domain humor – DomainGang which is still going strong and is the only domain blog I’ve seen to add hashtags to their post titles. Maybe Theo knows something we don’t know?

Last but certainly not least is the longest-running video program in the domain industry, DomainSherpa, originally run by Michael Cyger and now run by domain broker Andrew Rosner from Media Options.

Wow – looking back up this post, that’s a lot of links! But I think these guys all deserve credit for working hard to bring quality content to the domain industry. While I agree with Rick, the weekends can be a little light, and yes – blogs have sponsored posts that can be a bit boring to read…but still these fine folks are working hard to keep the domain blogging world alive.

But I agree with Rick, it’s just not what it used to be and maybe that will change or maybe writing text blog posts just isn’t as relevant for the next generation of Domainers? Millennials tend to prefer video content, Snapchat, and Instagram over text blog posts, maybe the next generation of Domain Blogs won’t be blogs at all but You Tube or Twitch channels?

I think the reality is that the world is changing, and with it comes the way that people consume content. I think the real trend is that text blog posts are becoming less relevant. I know for me personally I actually watch Twitch more than I do regular television, and I spend a lot more time on Twitch than I do reading domain blogs. Still, I think the domain bloggers who are still going strong and putting out fresh content daily about Domaining are doing a great job of keeping the community alive, the question is, will this need to change to grow the community as we move forward five, ten, and twenty years into the future?

What do you think? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

P.S. There are two blogs that I should have included in my original list above – DomainIncite and DotWeekly, sorry guys I knew I was going to miss a couple of people here, keep up the great work!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton