Announcing my newest sponsor – DNAcademy, and a bit of history you may or may not know

I can still remember when Michael Cyger started the DomainSherpa show, and I’ll be honest, my first thought was – who is this guy? I hadn’t seen Michael at any conferences, he didn’t have an existing blog, heck I was pretty sure he wasn’t even a domain investor…so why should he run an online show about domain name investing?

In case you think that I’m the one jerk out there that didn’t get DomainSherpa out of the gate…trust me I was not alone. Of course I was too curious not to watch some of Michael’s first interviews, and what I saw was the opposite of what I had assumed.

Rather than pretending to be an expert, Michael was incredibly humble, he clearly stated that he was not a domain expert and isn’t going to pretend to be one, instead he was going to bring the experts onto his show to share their experience with the rest of us.


It’s fair to say that the rest is history. DomainSherpa went on to become the go-to resource for new Domainers to learn from the pros and Michael proved that he was great at landing really good guests and interesting interviews.

Now I can’t really tell the rest of this story without sharing a bit of negative press that DomainSherpa received…otherwise you guys would be like, “common Morgan – what about the Adam Dicker stuff?” So yeah, the Adam Dicker stuff. Adam was a regular on Michael’s show along with Shane Cultra from and Andrew Rosner from Media Options.

News broke about Adam doing some shady things, you can Google until your heart’s content if you want to read the play-by-play but suffice it to say, Michael parted ways with Adam. This led to the removal of videos with Adam in them which rubbed some people the wrong way.

Well as the saying goes, “The show must go on” and it did. Michael bounced back, guests kept coming on, Shane and Andrew stayed in the mix and more great content continued to be released. By this point in time I think it was also fair to say two things about Michael:

  • He had to develop thick skin – those of you who have been reading my blog for 10+ years know that the domain industry can be a rough place
  • He became a Domainer himself over time – Michael had a pretty unique advantage in being able to learn from the pros and, as an already successful entrepreneur, he had the funds to build a nice portfolio for himself

It was around this time that Michael introduced DNAcademy, a course built on the hundreds of interviews and tips he had collected over the years. Uniregistry was one of the first companies to get behind the course and from what I know they still use it today to teach new employees about the domain investing world.


Since the course has been introduced students from around the world have shared their success stories and after going through the course materials myself I was really impressed. Michael has put together the most complete Domain Investing course I’ve ever seen and he’s condensed hundreds of hours of content into something that people can understand and take action on right away.

For those who know Michael, you know that he’s a really dedicated guy. So as DNAcademy grew he decided to part ways with DomainSherpa, selling it to Andrew Rosner and taking back more of his time and increasing his focus on the course. Today DNAcademy is without a doubt the most well-respected Domain Investing course out there and I am very excited to announce that they are now a sponsor of

Please join me in welcoming Michael and DNAcademy and as always feel free to share your experiences below. Have you watched DomainSherpa? Are you already a student of DNAcademy?  I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton