Raises $2M To Help People Learn How To Become A Web Developer

I have talked a lot about the rise of .IO, it’s the same effect I think we’ll see with “some” new gTLDs and this still is only the beginning. Today announced a $2M raise led by Harrison Metal and joined by First Round Capital, Baseline Ventures, and Learn Capital.

The company was founded by two University of Illinois alumni and launched at the Launch conference which brought their first few thousand signups and in essence helped launch the company.

“We believe an online apprenticeship is superior to the classroom model,” says Choxi of Bloc’s apprenticeship angle. “It’s the better way to do advanced skill training, so it’s natural that it could apply to other verticals and other topics,” he adds, hinting at the company’s broader vision as Bloc grows. (Source – TechCrunch)

The education space is definitely heating up and while it might seem like there are a million places to learn how to build websites few have taken this academic-based approach. With sites like Coursera and Skillshare killing it there is definitely room for someone to come in and create a focused learning environment specifically for web development.

I can still remember when I learned HTML back in 1994, I think there were three books out at that time and yes, you needed physical books because there really wasn’t much information online. Fast-forward to today and there are an overwhelming amount of resources out there, making it easy, organized, and course-based is probably what will make the difference between learning the basics and becoming a real full-fledged web developer.

Congrats to the team, another nice .IO success story and it definitely won’t be the last!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton