When Selling Domains To End-Users Should You List a Fixed-Price Or Not?

This is a topic that has always been a hot one and I thought now would be as good a time as any to discuss it with all of you. Sure, we all know that when listing domains for sale with listing services or in domain newsletters fixed-prices are key, but what about when approaching end-users?

Since I have very little experience selling domains to end-users I’ve used advice from sales pro’s and conference panels to form my opinion here. At Domain Roundtable in March a panel of experts discussed this exact issue and were split with half the group saying fixed-prices and the other half saying the opposite. This also came-up at DOMAINfest this year and I found the same result – half the experts suggested you list fixed prices and the other half suggested letting the potential buyer make an offer.

I can understand both sides of the equation here which is why I’m interested to hear what all of you think. Here are the two points that were made in favor of both sides from Domain Roundtable + DOMAINfest + the experts that I’ve talked to one-on-one.

Fixed Price
People will assume your price is astronomically high if you don’t list a fixed price and therefore won’t bid/respond at all.

Make Offer
Some end-users would be willing to pay big-bucks for a domain and if you throw-out a fixed price you could be selling your domain for far less than the buyer would have been willing to pay.

Now remember, I’m talking about end-users here, not other domain investors. In many cases end-users are big companies which often means your dealing with a marketing department or legal department. So what do you think, when you’re selling to an end-user should you put a fixed price or push them to make the first offer? Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton