What’s the best domain in your portfolio you’d sell for $10,000 tomorrow?

First things first, I deserve absolutely no credit for this post since I go the idea 100% from a Tweet I saw today from domain investor Josh Reason, here it is:

I saw that Josh had 59 replies to his tweet so it’s clear this is a hot topic and a really interesting question that he’s asking. So I thought, why not pose the question on my blog as well?

Of course, it’s not fair for me to ever post a question without answering it myself, for me, the best domain in my portfolio that I would sell for $10k, today (or tomorrow) is ClosetDesign.com. Ask me a year from now and I might not have the same answer, but today, that’s my answer.

Josh responded to my tweet and said, “There’s a domain I would put in my portfolio” so who knows, maybe we’ll make a deal?

There was a wide range of domains people listed in response to Josh’s tweet, some were names I thought seemed pretty reasonable at $10k, others seemed way over-priced, but that’s pretty par for the course in the domain industry. The reality is, sometimes I see domains that sell for $20,000 or more that look like junk to me, something me and most people I know would probably drop.

The other day Mike Mann sold JazzYou.com for $24k, that’s a name I’d be thrilled to get $2,400 for and some people commented that it’s a name they would expect to have very little value. That’s what makes the domain name industry so interesting, you never really know what could happen.

So now I’ll pass the mic to you, what’s the best domain in your portfolio that you’d sell for $10k today, or tomorrow? Thanks to Josh for the inspiration!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton